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    to read, write and color

The Juxi notebooks are born from the spontaneous request of the children hospitalized next to the pediatric ward. The walls of the Ward are decorated with an installation of large panels that are from the themes of the Juxi Notebooks. The Juxi Notebooks are created to work on many levels, as a tool that offers the children the possibility to read, to write, and to colour during a period of hospitalization or while in the waiting rooms or even to take away with them, so that they can continue to play with. Also, invites the adults that take care of the children, to listen and participate with the children.

Measurements: 21x29.7cm, 
composed of 16 pages + 4 covers, 
printed-paper used is 120gr, 1 colour (black) printed. Card used for Cover is glazed opaque 200gr 4 colours printed. 
Arrange smaller 500
Minimum orders is 500 pieces

internal layout example

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