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Technical specs

Fittings and signage
The instruments referred Juxi uses revolve around the ability to change the spacesthrough the use of preparations such large panelswall coverings and furnituretheatrical themeall inspired by fictional characters in a fairy tale characters.
Juxias well as paths to the story and coordinated approach to the gamecreated wallsigns and ground floors with colorful fairy tale theme.
(The climate of serenity and familiarity that comes in this way to create, assist in a measurable waythe active participation of the child's recovery.)
Datasheets and guarantees class 1

To ensure the required quality standards in health care all the materials used for fittings are fire resistant and washable with guaranteed class 1.

The production and installation of the decorations are made using certified procedures in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.

Are available upon request, technical and security sheets.

  • logo iso 9001
Previews of Juxi work
  • 3dpreview Maya 3d
  • An important service of Juxi work is the ability to see a preview of the final realizationof the work through simulations and three-dimensional graphics.


Previews through three dimensional computer simulation



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