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Who is Juxi

The idea of the Juxi Project was born from the personal experience of Sally Galotti, a creative illustrator at the Walt Disney Company, a designer and an eclectic cartoonist. Following her passion for arts, she started to paint the walls of hospitals with terminally ill children affected by AIDS in Rumania. As a consequence of the children’s positive reaction, and thanks to media coverage, her work began to be requested by many Italian paediatric hospitals, and was officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Health of the Italian Republic

The child in the middle of the therapeutic trail:
What does Juxi proposes during this time that child is put through the therapeutic trail

The child arrives in hospital: comes welcomed in a serene environment, full of colour, familiar. Lively drawings bound to the story books and easily recognizable like points of reference will facilitate the child in his orientation (across the road signs to “ themes of the story” to wall and to land) to the inside of the department.


for the visualized chronological list of the hospitals realized

“There are children that fill their pocket with white pebbles, and throw them on to the ground, so they can find the road by night, to the light of the moon. But there are children that do not succeed in having a supply of pebbles, and leave some dry crumbs of bread like track to return back. It is a fragile track as it only takes ants to cancel it: the children are lost in the forest and do not know how to return home.”

map of juxi decorated hospitals  (choose a location on the map)



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