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Now, to heal chronic diseases, help of colors will be taken. Rooms designed with colours will be helpful in healing and curing. The rooms and corridors will be designed in such a way that the patient will already start feeling better internally on entering the hospitals. From the waiting area to O.P.D. and operation theatre, everything will be designed in a very systematic manner. This task will be carried by an Italian interior designer. Chaudhmastpur and Shahzadpur of Ambala city’s C.H.C. will get the privilege under pilot project very soon. The offer has been accepted by the Italian designer. MLA Aseem Goyal had a meeting with the desiger, Ms. Sally Galotti. She has already served many nations with her talent of designing. In the meeting, Ms. Sally explained to MLA Aseem Goyal, BJP leader Anubhav Aggarwal and others as how the colourful ambience of hospitals helps the human body and its healing, mental and physical. Moreover, she gave a fine display of her work she did in Italian hospitals. She explained how important it was for the patients to stay in a good atmosphere as to heal efficiently. There will be a different look to the OPD, the corridors and the rooms for all ages. Soft colours must be used in children’s rooms. The patients should not feel them in a hospital, rather they should get such a good environment that is even better than homes. The C.H.C. of Chaudhmastpur has a budget of 7 crores for this project. Similarly, orders have been passed by Minister Nayab Singh Saini in a meeting held on Moday to make a C.H.C. in Shahzadpur. The offer was proposed by the MLA in the meeting. Everyone present there in the meeting have agreed to this. If this project sees success in Ambala District then not only for the Haryana state but for the whole country Ambala will become a role model. And the whole country will be able to see the light of this wonderful project.

“I requested the Italian designer to work on the pilot project in Ambala. She has agreed to our proposal. It is actually a wonderful project. I see Ambala as a role model if the project gets successful. Ms. Sally Galotti is interested in doing this.” - - -


 Aseem Goyal, MLA”

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